Production facilities


According to the different characteristics of products, we have divided our assembly production line into two: automated assembly line and manual assembly line.

Our professional engineers not only have the ability to design the labor power into the automated assembly system, but are also able to develop and improve the automated assembly machines, as well as defective product detecting system. Hence we can ensure the quality of product also improve the productivity. Recent years, in order to reduce the production costs and improve market competitiveness, CABCON CONTACTS has reduced the cost in manual production and focused on the development of automation equipment, to ensure product quality and production capacity. Production efficiency will lead the delivery time become more accurate.


Right now CABCON CONTACTS has many sets of high precision injecting machine. All the machines are able to process a variety of high precision injecting products, in order to meet all kinds of components and OEM / ODM customer’s needs. Our factory is using concentrated dry feeding system and automatic suction machine, so that the machines can supply material automatically. CABCON CONTACTS only needs one person to run this production line, which is the best part of
our precision injecting machines.


CABCON CONTACTS has all kinds of precision lathes, drilling and tapping machines. Our production
line also has a number of advanced and efficient CCD automatic detecting systems.